Release Date: Nov 14, 2013
Genre: Arcade shooter
Developer: Housemarque
Review by: kittykuma

One of the best launch title for ps4, 8/10

At first glance, it's just a regular arcade shooter. But after play awhile, when you figure out the secret of boosting controls then it become a blast to play.

As a grandma gamer (who don't play arcade shooter often or have those kind of reflex like youngster), I picked the Nemesis ship. It has the best maneuver and speed advantage and most important it has "homing missiles". Although it's firing power is about 1/2 of Ferox and 1/3 of Phobos, I still find it's easy to use.

Although Resogun has a big UI design flaw: The game has the boosting gauge reversed!!!

In resogun, the white top half circle is your boost meter, When it's dimmed that means your boost gauge is at full power, indeed very weird design decisions. Is this game meant to be played by us earthlings?

I think most gamers who find this game not enjoyable must be affected by this UI design flaw, they don't know their boosting meter auto recharge by time and ready when dimmed. Don't blame the user for not figuring this out, the design is just unnatural and not intuitive. At least it's true in my experience. At the beginning, whenever I look at my boost gauge, it's dimmed as if it's not ready. Then I say when will the freaking boost be charged???

Here is a video showing how I'm struggling to survive when I have no idea how to read the freaking boost gauge.

No idea how the mysterious boosting works. They really should reverse the gauge to "highlight means charged"

After playing a round of online coop with my friend I_Nero_I, he was flying like rocket with his boost. I finally figured, Wow you can use the boost most of the time. Cursing the crap UI lol

I started to research on how to boost efficiently. I found out that at end of each boost usage, you'll get about one second invincible time frame and create a sonic bomb which can 1-shot most none boss target. Then from this moment on, the game become a blast to play, it's all about control your boosting timing and length for the Nemesis ship. You can use the short pulse boost as headbutt attack to kill most enemies.

My vids after figuring out the secret of boosting technique.

World 4 vet mode, accidently saved all human

World 1 Master mode

World 5 Master mode

In a nutshell, Resogun is a fun game with very high re-playability once you overcome a few UI issues at the beginning.

Overall Score: 8 /10

Suggested improvement:

  • Reverse back the boost gauge. The current boost gauge creates unnecessary barrier and confusion for beginners.
  • Add how to save human in tutorial or in game's help section. This is another UI induced confusion. The game keep asking "save all human" at beginning, but doesn't explain how. They should tell player in the help, if you hear "keeper detected", you need to find a special group of enemy to kill, then a human will be released from a locker, and then you can pick it up and throw it to the green mothership on the top. lol
  • Get rid of the Green Shield that protecting "power up". Player feel like be fooled when they find a "Green Candy" but got bitten when they trying to grab it. lol
  • Online server is poor, Disconnect often. Since it's free game, they must only put very few amount of server to support the online feature.



Dec 3rd 2013


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