Release Date: Nov 14, 2013
Genre: console
Developer: Sony
Review by: kittykuma

As a long term PlayStation gamer, I am so excited with the new launch of PS4. Grabbed it at first minute I can, during midnight release :)

So far the experience has been quite positive.

Here is some positive and negative points I noticed when I compare my ps3(5 years old FAT32 80GB version) and ps4 (launch edition)

user interface more sleek and stylish outdated comparing to ps4
computation power From hardware spec: at least x5 of ps3
Although using KZ:SF as tech demo, I feel it's briefly x2, launch title couldn't fully use console's potential
friend list capacity 2000 now!! :D 100
integration with social media best selling point of ps4 not available
game play replay 2nd best selling point of ps4 not available
dualshock controller low battery life, ~5hours even not in use.
should get rid of the dumb speaker on the controller
last at least 8 hours, regular usage
message system good idea, but UI needs improvement plain but gets the job done
media center connection not available, no photo, music,vids import/export :(
heard firmware update coming soon
can be connected to home cloud media server, or just use usb sticker to transfer multi-media data
playstation home not compatible, bummer :( free and great ps3 social game
ventilation poor fan performance compare to ps3, half the power of ps3's
Suggestion: buy extended warranty
great, mine is a FAT32 ps3 which last for more than 5 years, still alive now
stereo headset most not compatible for now compatible with most
harddrive usage most title need to be downloaded to harddrive to play even if you have disc version. (KZ:shadow fall for example)
guess this means the end for disc era, poor gamestop
disc or psn downloadable

As the social media integration is the best selling point of ps4, I have to say the PlayStation camera and the Playroom game are playing a big part in this.

1,2,3 Tabby turn black! Auntie Kitty having fun with her elder daughter and son. Playroom fun!

When you check the online stream of twitch or Ustream, you will be surprised to find that the playroom game often sits at the top of ps4 game list. Why? Because people use it as a broadcast media to do "Truman Live Shows", they love to use it as a chatroom to communicate with the viewers.

We should thank Sony for providing gamers with another way to communicating with each other and opportunity to do free advertisement, both parties benefit from it. :D

However I heard twitch banned lots of people from broadcasting Playroom, which drives lots of people to Ustream. It's understandable they are afraid of losing control over user streaming inappropriate content, nudity for example.

But I feel it's losing business opportunity, the content should be monitored for sure. It could provide viewer report feature to report host who providing inappropriate content along with the viewers who type-in inappropriate comments. I believe as gamers, we are more interested in games and talking about games if we visit a game streaming site. If few people has other needs, they should go to those !@#& site to fulfill their personal needs. lol

And the game playback feature is another big selling point of PS4. Because of this feature auntie Kitty now can start to build this website. I can have picture and gameplay videos to aid what I'm trying to say. Again, sorry about my poor English if you stay with me to this point lol

In a nutshell, PS4 is an ultimate social connection hub if you enjoy social activity with other gamers or even want some attention from strangers. You will have it once you get the ps4 and the camera! Enjoy the attention while it last :)

Suggested improvement:

  • Put a more powerful fan to blow out the hot air inside the ps4, or complete redesign the ps4 to be able to accommodate bigger ventilation fan, I don't mind they sacrifice 30% in size to get more cooling power.
  • Provide ways to let us import/export photo, music,vids. I really don't want to use Facebook as a mid-man to get my own game video. After facebook compression I can only get low Res vids. (Credits to my psn friend Dragjae55 who taught me how to capture FB vids)
  • Get rid of the dumb speaker on the controller. It adds nothing but to consume more battery power :(
  • Improve the message system, need to flag every unread messages or put the msg pointer to the oldest unread message, I find myself often miss friends' message if they typed multiple long messages.
  • Providing PS home backward compatibility please. Sigh to all my PS home costume and properties.

Other suggestions could improve User Experience:

  • Providing a friend list management system, since now the list becomes 2000, it will be more user friendly if player can organize and tag their friends, for example "I know this guy/gal from that game".
  • I kinda miss the system reminder of "friend on/off" feature on ps3. Maybe Sony think, with 2000 list, it'll be too much on/off activities. Then how about providing a flagged on/off alert? let user tag 100 PSN ID in their friend list whose activity they concern the most? For example, I and player A, B, C want to coordinate a game party the next day. If I can flag A, B, C's online activity, then I will know immediately who is on without having to constantly check my friend list.
  • I miss the comment option I can do with my old ps3 avatar, miss all those funny comments my friends and I put onto our avatars. Any chance Sony will give this feature back to us?

Overall score: 8.5 /10



Dec 9th 2013


PS: last tip while using your PS4, put it in flat position rather than vertical. Mine constantly frozen in vertical position. After doing some research and getting help from my PSN friends (Killerworld, truehorizon, brian5253, I_Nero_I), I figured ps4 has vent outlet on both side. So if you put it in vertical position, you are blocking the air vents. So lay ps4 flat or die!!!

Blinking blue light? check this out

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