PS4进入中国之我见 My opinion about Ps4 launches in China

索尼正式决定把ps4主机销售打入中国市场。但主机需要有游戏销量才能赚钱。 什么样的游戏会受中国玩家的青睐呢?

根据我这些年里打过的游戏来说,大多数在美国流行的游戏不会在中国受欢迎。 理由如下:

其一:角色设计。这受限于东西方的审美差异。西方以粗邝性感为美,这种设定做出来的角色不会太受中国玩家见待。中国人对美的标准,受古装武侠的影响,男的要风度翩翩,貌塞潘安; 女的要婀娜多姿,面若桃花。总体来说,就是无论男女都要漂亮。像 batman, spiderman, kratos in GOW 之类的角色设计以亚洲审美来说,看了就让人觉得无趣。

Eastern perfered Character design

其二:游戏类别。中国玩家比较喜欢策略解密类别的游戏。这又是为什么呢?我怀疑和中国的教育体制有关。中国人重数理化,在这种教育环境成长的小孩大多喜欢能够提供智力挑战的游戏。 而这些年来这一类游戏在北美越来越少。

其三:open world games in China? NO,NO,NO 我觉得开放式的游戏设计不会在中国受欢迎。原因是因为开放式设计经常叫玩家在任务之间跑来跑去,浪费很多时间在路上。 这恰好和政府相关部门办事风格不吻而和,当事者有被踢皮球的感觉。现实如是,为何还要在游戏内受虐?

how Chinese bureaucracy work

其四:中国玩家比较喜欢合作类游戏, 这么多年来,我只有在一个游戏里碰到过中国玩家,那就是失落星球2(Lost Planet 2)。 北美现有的游戏里这样的在线合作类游戏实在是寥寥无几。大部分online都是杀来打去,你打我,我砍你,互相谩骂。

综上所述,依我之见,现有游戏中能在中国成功的也许只有最终幻想14。索尼要进入中国市场,就需要花功夫在中国建立游戏设计工作室。否则,现有的这些游戏实在很难迎合中国人的口味。 然而,中国设计的游戏又不适合西方人的口味,是否只在中国销售就能赚钱呢?这就是另一个需要考虑的因素了。

sony made it formal that it's going to sell ps4 in China. But what kind of games can attract Chinese gamers?

As a Chinese gamer played many games in the past, I think most games popular in USA won't receive same amount of acknowledgement in China. The Reason?

1.Character Design. This is subject to the aesthetic differences between Eastern and Western culture. The western culture worship muscle build and sexy looking body. while in china, they like their characters look pretty. To be honest, the super heroes wearing tights look absurd from my point of view as a Chinese.

Western preferred Character design

2.Games Category. Chinese players prefer strategy/puzzle games. You ask why? I think it's related to the Chinese education system. Their education emphasize heavily on maths and science. The children grown up in such environment prefer to be challenged by the game which encourage them to think. In North America, those type of games become fewer and fewer as the year goes by.

3. I doubt any open world games will be embraced in China. The reason is because the open world design is often asking players run back and forth between quests, force ppl wasting a lot of time on the back travelling. It happens to be very similar to the way some Chinese Bureaucracy departments work, the person who wants the job done often have a feeling of being kicked around . Reality is cruel, why bother get remind of it again in games.

4.Chinese players prefer cooperative games. For so many years , I only come across online players from China mainland in one game. It's called Lost Planet 2, a 4-player coop game. There aren't many 4-player coop games on the current market. Most available online games are Versus type. Players here definitely enjoy killing each other. To reduce violence in USA, maybe we should develop more Coop games than Versus games!

To sum it up, in my opinion , Final Fantasy 14 might be the only game that could be successful in China among all the existing game titles. If Sony wants to own Chinese market, it has to create some game design studios in China which is tailored to Chinese tastes. But from another point of view, games designed for Chinese might not be suitable for Western audience. As for whether it can make money by just selling those games in China, this is another story.



May 27th 2014


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