Killzone Shadow Fall

Release Date: Nov 14, 2013
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Review by: kittykuma

First glance: 7/10, after finishing campaign: 4/10. Sigh...

Breathtaking outdoor scenery, superb lighting effect. Ok character model, I'd say character models in Beyond: Two Souls are much better. For example, in first chapter of KZ:SF the father's face somehow reminds me of puss in boot from Shrek. Cute but a bit too cartoonish and stiff to fit the game.

father father VS puss puss

Need improvement on user interface UI design. Objective fonts are way too small to see clearly what need to be done, especially in heat of battles. This creates unnecessary frustration when player can't see what need to be done next.

Objective marker is way too small too, and need more distinguish color to make it stand out from background. Outdoor lighting is dazzling, incredible real. But the shining light makes the objective marker unreadable. Half of the time in chapter two I was wondering where should I go next lol. Even enemies are hard to find in those dazzling lighting conditions, I died bunch times because of that lol.

Lighting glare becomes one of the biggest enemy in KZ sf. Since AI won't get blinded by lights, so it feels like they are there just to cripple the players. Kuma watched me play sometimes, here is his suggestion, this game should give player sunglasses. He made a point.

Superb lighting effect, beautiful yet deadly. Could we borrow a pair of sunglasses, Guerrilla Games? lol

We need a mini-map, the game should mark the destination and essential point of interest(for example alarm's position) on mini map. I think it perfect make sense once player go near a alarm they are supposed to mark it on map. I lost the track of some alarm's position while fighting enemies in chapter two. Then it changes to finding needle in haystack task after you lost track of it in a huge map with dazzling lighting condition. What make things even worse is, enemies will keep re-spawn if alarm is not disarmed. Feel like a very big hassle!! Lol

The bots control is something new and adds life to the game. But it's hard to order it to hack console sometimes, instead, it will do stationary task. The control scheme for bot should be tweaked and refined to make hacking task different from other controls.

Chapter 7 and 8 falling sections are the worst. In chapter 8, the game misleading player by "buildings falling" animation at the very beginning. FACTS: When people see a moving target, their attention will be attracted to it rather than see anything else. Game designed to lure player to pick an extremely tough route, while there is another much safer route just beside that one. I feel like be fooled, personally I call it very bad user experience. Those moments make shadow fall feel more like $hit fall.

Shadow Fall or $hit Fall? 12 minutes continuously retry to beat chapter 8 falling section,
caused by game's lacking of guidance and providing misinformation to fool players. lol

Safer route! the key to beat this section without death is, at the very beginning, picking the route on the left, between the two still buildings . then you can maintain relative high elevation. just don't try to look down too often to find those stupid glowing blue markers, they will get you killed.

Multi-player I haven't played yet, so can't comment much. Personally I hate any type Versus though.

KZ:shadow fall feels like a rushed launch title without getting well tested by any good 3rd party testing group. With 9/10 graphics(-1 for char model), 5/10 level design, 1/10 user experience. All those stunning graphic feel like wasted effort. Why bother gilding a pile of poop?

Overall score 4.5 /10

Suggested improvement:

  • Increase font size!!!
  • Provide mini-map
  • Add more waypoints if level map is too challenging to do for nowadays complex map design.
  • Objective marker need to be bigger and provide option to toggle it on/off. Currently it's vanish by itself after few seconds. I find myself lost orientation often because of that.
  • Bots control scheme should be refined, separate the hacking task from all other commands please.
Level design
  • Should go linear instead of faking open world (What's the point to go open world if there isn't any side quest), it just makes player feel lost.
  • Don't fool players by providing misinformation against their instinct.
  • Get rid of those falling sections!!! Ruin the game big time.
  • Give us sunglasses please. lol



Dec 5th 2013


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