Release Date: April 29, 2014
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Zombie Studios
Review by: Killerworld

Daylight sets you inside an abandoned hospital, its dark and your character suddenly awakens with a Tablet Computer near her and a voice that comes from the device to help her.


The game is first person scare tactic game, horror has no aspect in this. The character you assume role of holds a Tablet Computer using its flashlight feature to help her guide her way through the dismal place, you can also use glow sticks which help to show "secrets" but I haven't came across many, it can also be useful to search objects as it will give you a flickering light to help you investigate for notes or items.

Need a glow stick to help find the notes

On your journey, there is strange paranormal activity and you must collect red glowing scraps of notes but in doing so you become cursed and a cursed relic opens for collection which you must find and collect to open a cursed passage/door. When collecting pages and trying get the cursed "key" you are being chased by a ghost that will attack you and gets more tenacious as you collect more pages. Getting attacked by a ghost isn't instant death you can keep moving and you can evade them by running or use another source of light which is a flare, which can keep the ghost at bay from you until the burn duration fades away, even though it looks like you killed the ghost it will just respawn later.

Flare can keep the ghost at bay

You don't have to worry about the characters health as the game regenerates the player after a few seconds depending on difficulty. Levels and notes have a randomized generation so you can't really know where everything is. The Tablet serves as a GPS map to help you navigate the area very easily and its always on display.


In scare games, atmosphere is very important to enforce the player to feel tension or fear. However, in Daylight the atmosphere is very basic with linear passageways, pop scares from the enemy, the enemy itself is very dull in artistic value and not good for scare tactic and the whole game just wants to "scare" you on the fact that the light you have isn't much light and darkness is swallowing you at every turn.

darkness is swallowing you


There is a positive in this game and it is the fact that it uses the new Unreal 4 engine, the graphics and flow of gameplay is very nice and fluent(not clunky). In the end, this is just a very quick game that you will beat in 20 minutes or less. The game does a pattern of where one section is where you do the whole collecting and escaping then afterwards you get a "break" section where you can explore for side collectibles and not get attacked but it also ruins the scare tactic since then people can just recuperate if they are scared by the game but the game isn't scary at all if you are a veteran of major scare games or have played Slender a lot or not scared of the dark or the fact its just a game.

new Unreal 4 engine render the light effect well

Trophy difficulty - 3/10

little trophy list and most are very easy, ghosts can be tricked and flare time lasts a long time leaving you room to look for stuff.

Overall Score: 3.0 /10

  • Graphic: 7/10
  • Level design: 3/10
  • Story: 2/10
  • Scare factor: 2/10
  • Sound: 2/10
  • Atmosphere: 2/10



May 18th 2014


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