Release Date: 2013 November 15 ps4
Genre: sci-fi 3rd person shooter
Developer: Digital Extremes
Review by: Killerworld

This review is for Warframe 12.4.6 version

The cauldron

Warframe is developed by the same team that conveyed Dark Sector to the public; using many aspects from it's predecessor, such as the Technocyte[a virus] which is now a restless species, how Hayden Tenno[main character] and a certain boss looked, the glaive and many more.

My Warframe, isn't he cool? :)

Notice: Warframe is still in Beta phase of development expect many minor or huge gameplay changes. For example: Captain Vor [the first boss] use to wear red, holding a stun baton and capable of teleporting to you. Now Captain Vor aggrandized with more cybernetics in appearance, outfitted with a laser pistol, a sword, a couple of throwing weapons catalyze with electricity; able to stick on you or connect to other players with it's lightning current, a singular focused energy beam and teleporting. Henceforth, Captain Vor is no traditional pushover first boss.

fighting Captain Vor

Beta Plot

The story is still in working progress, all I know is that you are a race called Tenno, awoken from cryostasis, an A.I. named 'The Lotus' desires to see the rise of the Tenno once more, there is a race that the Tenno are new and unaware of called the 'Grineer' they seek absolute dominion. The Tenno was crafted by a race called the ' Orokin' many centuries ago and they have also crafted or done amplifications or both to the Technocyte virus, the Tenno are part Technocyte. The Orokin was at war with whom they called 'The Sentients' which have hinted that despite the Orokins advancements in tech, the sentients would masterfully use it back at them. The Orokin used the Void to create The Tenno, a frame designated Excalibur was the first. The Tenno are the reason for the fall of the Orokin which was labelled 'the old war', afterwards some Tenno drifted, others created, cryostasis or died or worse.

Its unknown what happend to the sentients. As for now that's the plot or at least what I've gathered. There is small stories with the other races and Events that have come and gone.

Gameplay and Events

The game is a 4-player co-op sci-fi third person shooter where you can customize how far or close the camera is to your character. At the beginning you can only choose one out of three frames, Loki the trickster and can go invisible, Excalibur a melee and stunner, Mag she can pull enemies or crush. The gameplay is similar to Mass Effect's multiplayer only you can run on walls, jump and stealth. There is no cover system. Although the game is very fun by offering many enemies and at times obstacles. However, you will see a repetition even though they offer 9 varieties of objectives to keep progression fresh as you work from planet to planet and the game is much better to play on co-op but you can choose to solo if desired.

A solo run

Your objective is to destroy a core, on some occasions there will be timer after destroying a core be sure to escape before timer ends or its game over.

As the name implies you are to become Death and extract all life from the level, they give you a tally of how many are left.

Assassin's Creed fans know this all to well. Your objective is to eradicate a marked target which happens to be a boss.

Much like Halo territories, there are four sectors you have to control as the enemy will control other sectors or steal yours, eventually the more sector you keep contained the more points you rack up whomever has the most points wins. Also after winning you can do it again but it'll be tougher but the completion reward might be worth it.

At first I thought it be like making someone shoot a base or framing a commander but instead this one is where you carry and item and install it into the enemy ships control console which will change its direction.

Just like Deception but instead you hack four computers to gather data which will form into s briefcase. Also, a tip - you can stack them together no need for four people or tossing one by one but you or someone holding the files must reach exit area or no completion.

A typical Horde mode survival with a twist. Instead of kill all to progress from waves of enemies, the Horde is infinite. The real survival is not only yourself but the lack of oxygen sapping out of sector, to replenish you must acquire small oxygen packs from killing enemies which add a little or use the big life support machines that lotus delivers to you which you should only use if very low on oxygen. The longer you survive the better your rewards for every five minutes but tougher you enemies will become or advance units join in, if you fail to keep life support sustained the timer stops and you must reach the exit before its to late.

As name implies, you are to protect either a Tenno in cryostasis or a core depending on defense. The core or stasis will recover health overtime, back when Warframe started there was no health regeneration on defense items so it was much harder.

Mobile defense
Much like Deception only this time you protect the machine[s] your hacking.

You must damage a certain enemie[s] before they escape then you capture them as they lay on floor. Corpus targets are fast but weak, Grinner targets like to use a heavy weapon. In infested missions you have to be careful and make sure to acquire the target right away when put on the floor because infested can heal allies

Derelict or Void
Although when you do derelict or void runs they use the modes above that you choose the reason i put this here is because the void and derelict test your mobility skills, eventually you will come across many traps and there is trial vault rooms where if successful you get some good stuff. However on derelict there is a vault which requires a key and must be opened with four people which different keys, these keys have negative impacts on you until you use it on the vault door but there is some rare mods in it, never had a chance though.

survival mission with friend


At times, the developers will launch an event. These events offer rewards from very rare weapons or to new mods not yet implemented in game where you can't collect yet, also clans that reach top ranks will receive a cool trophy in gold or silver or bronze, the events are very hard[sometimes feels unfair] think of them as exams of your progression through Warframe. Some will need people, others pure resiliency. The leaderboard ranks each class making it more easier to be the top three per class. The greatest thing about the events other than weaponry acquisition is the foreboding of whats to come, the new level you play maybe the new area on a planet. New boss designs, new modes, ectera. The trophies are not PSN trophies, just statues like PS Home does it's rewards.

Alert missions
Alert missions are missions that randomly get generated offering more credits or forma, ectera You have to unlock a lot of levels for increased chances

On alert mission, Forma a much needed resource to better your gear or build your base

Mods, Foundry and Clans

As you play, you will find mods and level up, leveling grants you points. Mods are modifications for your character or guns or sentinel. Mods look like cards that you put in open slots, if a slot has a marking you must match a card with same symbol; doing so will lower cost of points the card has in half, if you put wrong symbol it will increase its points. So you have a sprint mod it takes 6 points, if you're at level 6 with frame you can put it in an empty non-symbol slot, if you have same symbol it will cut it to 3 points thus if you are level 3 with frame you can use it. Various enemies or levels/modes drop different mods. However, I really detest that getting damage increase mods are very hard to find in my experience. The harder the level, the more rare drops increase, making grinding of your time to find mods that benefit you.
The mods look really cool with animation playing slightly.
You can increase the cards power by fusing them with duplicates you picked or fusion cards

show off mods

here you use blueprints to craft items, weapons, warframes, components, head gear. Most blueprints are in market or clan or boss drops or void/derelict runs. Credits are used to build, the timer it takes to build is in real life time so when it says 12 hours you have to wait that long for it to be done. I really dislike that it feels very Farmville-ish when using the foundry. Each item represents what materials and credits it needs, you can find where materials are by highlighting planets. Once you go to a level within desired planet you have to search lockers, storage units and enemies. A yellow circular object is what you want, hoping its the material you need. There are three types of materials in each planet. Once again, grinding is key.

Foundry in warframe

You can join or create your own clan. Clans are necessary for the hidden weaponry and frames not in regular market[credit] and other things to come. If you're going to build the clan, you can customize with statues and connecting various rooms, be mindful of the energy requirement. The bad part in crafting new rooms requires a Forma and various minerals/materials.
There is many rooms with Asia styled nature designs to neutral designs for easier miscellaneous interior statues and flag banners.
Just like the foundry, you'll have to wait.
The clan offers trading to fellow members for mods or money, a dueling room and mobility training course. Unfortunately as of right now I am still constructing my clan.
You can also put your own badge with an image but must pay platinum. There are tiers for clan which increase member limit but raises resource costs on clan rooms. You can also form alliances with other clans.

Here is the list of clans in warframe:

  • Ghost : The default starting tier, 10 member limit, resources cheapest. Best for solo.
  • Shadow : 2nd tier, 30 member limit 20+
  • Storm : 3rd Tier, 100 member limit 70+
  • Mountain : 4th tier, 300 member limit 200+
  • Moon : Last tier, 1000 member limit 800+, resources extremely expensive needs members to co-op with resources.
Clan's head quarter - Dojo

Game Main Character - Warframes

There are 18 warframes and 4 prime versions for PS4[PC has 5], each frame has different energies[mana] levels, different skills, health, shields, armor, and speed. Prime models are just an Orokin influenced warframe with golden features and extra symbol[polarity]

  • Frost- Uses ice skills, only frame that looks like sage. One ice skill protects anyone in a ice bubble, damaging enemies that cross.
  • Ember- Fire skills, she has a punk-ish attitude appearance, lots of crowd control skills.
  • Zephy- Can cast tornados and dives, bird frame appearance.
  • Rhino- Tank and support, gives bonus damage and can handle damage
  • Vauban- Has a coat appearance. Uses defensive traps.
  • Loki- Trickster, can deploy a decoy and go invisibile, good support
  • Mag- Pulls enemies and causes targets to get bullets attracted, also heals shields.
  • Ash- A real ninja frame but has weak health.
  • Excalibur- A decent frame can stun and do good damage to bosses with javelin
  • Banshee- Soundwave frame, she can track enemies and is usually suited for stealth but has a crowd control attack.
  • Valkyr- Melee influenced, highest armor of all frames, has support skills and pull enemies
  • Saryn- Poision type, can decoy and has strong spells.
  • Trinity- Great healer and support.
  • Oberon- similar to trinity but has more attacks.
  • Nyx- Mind control and confusion
  • Nova- antimatter, can tally enemies then create a chain reaction explosion.
  • Volt- electric frame, has defensive skill and strong ultimate but its slow
  • Nekros- necromancer.

Show off my char's skill set

Companion Character - Sentinel

Sentinels are little robots or creatures that hover above you providing support. Sentinels can help stem the battle flow for you, be sure to research which sentinel help your play style or frame weakness. You can customize colors and mods for sentinels furthuring your survival. You can buy custom part for decorative looks only There are 5 Sentinels.

  • Shade- Offers invisibility and counter shots, passive, good for casters/mage frames due to long cast time with ultimates when you have 20 shooters on you but it is weak, the design looks like a cap with scarf.
  • Dethcube- Attacker class sentinel, good for back up. Its secondary can stunt or vaporize an opponent who gets close. The cube design needs to be reworked as it feels to basic and simple.
  • Djinn- Clan research only, the attacks are slow but good for weaking enemies and likes to attract enemies aggression forcing AI to shoot it.
  • Carrier- Shotgun wielding robot and picks up resources for you. Good for long range users, the design is neat.

Forma, Orokin catalyst and reactor

Forma is also used for frames and Sentinel. Formas help you put or change symbols on card slots, in exchange your character goes to level one and must be regained if you want to you another.
Orokin reactor is for frames boosting point to 30, at max you get 60.
Orokin catalyst as above but for weaponry. I hope they could show that we have a core on the frame or weapon.


There are 4 factions with different tactics.

  • Grineer- Metal armored cyborgs, they like to hit hard and move slow and are stupid. They like to group up with their higher superiors. They believe themselves above all.
  • Corpus- Merchant cult group, they aren't bulky but they use robotics and orokin technology to enforce their assets, if given the chance they would sell their soul for money. "Profit numbs the pain." -Alad V, warframe
  • Infested- They like to rush
  • Orokin AI, the corrupted- The old orokin security AI takes control of people passing in making you fight a combined force of other factions


  • Warframe offers a lot of things to do and guns as well as mods to try, elemental mode can be combined to make a lethal weapon that you're using.
  • There is a status effect called bleed, even if fully shielded you can get hurt and tough enemies use it a lot, making progress hard.
  • The game is ever changing, some may like while others would dislike as I preferred how the Corpus originally sounded, now they sound like Grineer.
  • The tutorial basic but tries to offer freedom of exploring which can still make newcomers frustrated by the game.
  • The Hud needs work and the planet Hub makes people lost and unaware of mission that a friend wants or host.
  • The beginning is very tough until you get better mods.
  • Very fun but repetitive, better with friends to keep you feeling less 'at work'.
  • Wish our Warframes talked.
  • Story is still in works and there isn't much on game.
  • The resources we need are uncommon to very rare, grinding for many hours.
  • If you hate grinding, this is not a game for you.
  • Warframe is free to play on PC and PS4.
  • Hidden bosses that help spice things up when grinding.
  • You can customize camera and some graphics.
  • Touchpad can be quirky if done to fast with movement.
  • Due to Sony's certified processing, PS4 Warframe gets patched a little late.
  • Needs more outdoor areas and new ones for Venus and Neptune.
  • You have 4 lives but regain them after 5 pm PST
  • Login bonuses are better as you continue.
  • I'd like to give a 9 but due to repetitive grinding and soloing I give 7, 8 with friends.
  • Most the time just run and shoot, ask questions never!

Important Information

Warframe is free to play, like all free to play games you can use REAL money to buy things to make Warframe easier, unless you're impatient or want to support developers then buy Platinum. For those who don't want to spend due to whatever reason, read carefully. Most of the stuff is FREE but requires your time and to grind for it. When you start you have 50 platinum, use Platinum only to increase weapon slots or Warframe slots. You are limited to one free Warframe slot and a few weapons. If you wanna keep your frames and weapons and not sell, buy the slots. What is free is weapons, sentinels, primes even the new rhino prime do void runs, forma [void, alert missions, login bonus chance], orokin reactor and catalyst in alert missions, custom heads, warframes. Not free is the sentinel cosmetics like masks or wings to make it have pizzazz, warframe scarfs, warframe skins, different color pallettes, the new scarf and golden resource bot. So you can get frames from clan or bosses 2nd boss and up. I have seen people buy a lot and later heard they could of gotten it all in time and go 'ugh i didn't know' Platinum = REAL money Credits = in-game cash, fake money.

The developers do live twitch broadcasts to tell you what they're doing for future release or to show gameplay stuff, they randomly choose 3 or 4 people free 1000 platinum.

Overall Score: 7.5 /10



Apr 19th 2014


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