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My first gaming systems were Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I didn’t start to develop a fondness for video games until titles such as; Mario Brothers, Mega Man, and Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

Super Nintendo was the last system I spent day and night on, with a serious collection. I got tired of the 2D graphics, and even though I bought Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Gamecube and a Wii over the years I never really spent much time on them. I would play the odd game that stood out as being innovative like Altered Beast, Act Raiser, Streetfighter 2, and Mario 64, but it wasn’t until I bought a PS3 that I got back into gaming.

I bought a PS3 for the Blueray player, because when Sony won the Blue ray war, the PS3 was the cheapest Blueray player. It came with LittleBIGplanet and upon playing it blew my mind. I not only was introduced to an amazing game that let you create what ever you wanted, but it also introduced me to multiplayer and coop play.

That is were I met Kitty, and am here today writing reviews for some of the games I enjoyed the most from my PS3 experience. I enjoy platformers either puzzle or action based, first person shooters, third person sandbox games, and any games that are innovative and artistic. Not much of a fan of sports or racing games.

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